Monday, September 26, 2005

Different Strokes...

different strokes . . . Why, when it coms to methadone treatment for addiction. do folks feel compelled to badmouth the treatment and those that receive and provide it? Does the breast cancer patient treated by surgery plus chemotherapy feel obliged to express venomous comments against radiation therapy? Do "recovering smokers" who quit with hypnosis vilify those who stopped (or tried to stop) with the assistance of nicotine gum, or patches, or acupuncture? What's with some folks? Why can't they be happy and take pride in what they've achieved - without expressing hostility to those who seek to overcome their problem of opiate addiction through other means. Folks shoud be respectful. They should be humble. They should count their blessings, and wish others well - regardless if they seek their salvation through means different than their own. The contempt expressed for methadone maintenance may lead some to give up that care - and die as a consequence; does anyone want to live with that? What does the damnation of others, and the course they've chosen, say about the critics?


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