Sunday, April 02, 2006


NOT JUST IN CHINA! The Chinese Heath Ministry's commitment to massively expand methadone treatment and needle exchange is being pursued vigorously (see current posting on website But the Security Ministry (the cops) is not on board, and creates problems for patients/clients.

A similar conflict exists in USA: Deseret Morning News reports (March 22) patients exiting a Provo (Utah) methadone program are routinely being "targeted by a Utah County sheriff's deputy." The practice of the Deputy was brought to the attention of authorities by a woman who routinely drives her daughter and 19 year-old grand-daughter to the program for their care, and felt obliged to speak out for patients who "absolutely don't have a voice and [who] deserve a chance to get better. They shouldn't be afraid to come to the clinic to get better." Darn right! Shame on the cop! Good on grandma!


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