Saturday, August 18, 2007


In an all-too-seldom good news story, Hazleton, PA, officials backed establishment of a methadone clinic. No one at a City Council meeting spoke against the proposal and the Mayor as well as Chief of Police endorsed it. The later stated, "I think we'd see a decrease in crime if we had an in-town treatment center," adding that patients could “hold jobs they otherwise might not be able to hold and become productive to society again.”
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At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it would be great if a program opened so close to my home tamaqua i am currently going to reading with 3 babies and it's hard methadone has given me my life back the old vic i use to be and saved my life i thankful for that.these people who don't want addicts in their neighborhoods i got news for them the addicts are already there using,stealing etc..and their childrens safty they are worried of.these people who go to these clinics are there for one thing to get better!!!!they also have children of their own.we should educate these people so there wouldn't be any problems that there is security to keep the rifraf out,it not a hangout to sell drugs.there wouldn't be any tolerance forbad behavior,drugs.and counselors are there doctors the director and rules if people keep using they are thrown off.i pray that this opens crime will definently decline i've seen it 1st hand in philadelphia it's wonderful to have a safe neighborhood u can take a nite walk in n not worry. i think u mr.barletta and police chief for recongizing the addicts and finnally doing a good thing giving them a chance to get well.u's are very brave cinsidering most people don't want this around,they all talk of the crime and addicts shootings thefts rapes in towns and want it gone and dam the drugusers but they don't want to help them get rid of it by the clinic that puts a drugdealer right out of bussiness!!!!noone has to buy his drugs anymore.or steal to get the drug we have to stand together on this cuz our small towns are a mess drugs is taking over and these dealers who come here from n.y. phila.etc..also to hide cuz there wanted it's ruining our youth u would be shocked to see how many 15yr. olds are strung out on herion and smoking crack..i want my children to have a fighting chance. most people are running away leaving the towns what than we lost.i am fighting i am staying i was born here..thank u mr.barletta someone brought this issur out in sight now we can change for better.


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