Monday, January 14, 2008


Dollars and lives going up in smoke! A Jan. 9 article in the Wisconsin State Journal quotes FBI sources as stating some 2,200 people are arrested every single day in the US for “marijuana violations” - almost 90% for possession alone. In the state of Wisconsin, over 14,000 arrests were for possession of marijuana in 2003 - and $83 million was spent by the state in "imprisoning such offenders... ". It is difficult to comprehend fully the impact that this has on lives of individuals and families, and costs for the community as a whole. Surely there is a better way!


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In case you haven't seen these articles on Marijuana arrests in Harm Reduction Journal:

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Harm Reduction Journal 2007, 4:16 (3 November 2007)

Smoking marijuana in public: the spatial and policy shift in New York City arrests, 1992–2003
Golub A, Johnson BD, Dunlap E
Harm Reduction Journal 2006, 3:22 (4 August 2006)

The war on marijuana: The transformation of the war on drugs in the 1990s
King RS, Mauer M
Harm Reduction Journal 2006, 3:6 (9 February 2006)

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Nice post - there is also a whole whack of research on online search behavior of addicts and family members. The data is frightening. For example; there were 615,000 searches for the generic term 'drug addiction' last year, and 55,000 searches for the term 'marijuana addiction'. That's respectively 1,684 and 150 searches PER DAY in the US alone. There is a lot more data here. Addictions Research


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