Thursday, October 09, 2008


Although rigidly apolitical, we feel it's important to ensure that readers know the position of the presidential candidates re. methadone maintenance. OBAMA: can't swear to it, but I don't believe he has ever voiced an opinion. Take that for what it may be worth. MCCAIN: in May 1999 on the floor of the Senate said, among other things, that methadone maintenance was "disgusting and immoral" and introduced a bill that, in part, would limit reimbursement for methadone maintenance to six months. Check it out. Comments as always welcome. And before anyone asks: no, I do not know what position Gov. Palin has on this topic, or Senator Biden.

McCain's statement in 1999:


At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that Mccain has not looked into the truth about Methadone and the real truth that it helps people get help with their lifestyle and addictions. The Methadone Clinics get people off the street and stops people from treating themselves and puts their lives in the hands of a medical doctor to dose them and give them addiction related groups and classes to help educate addicts about their addiction and helps people get real information and a real grib on their life. I have been in the clinic for almost a year now and my life is so much better then it was a year ago. I now can carry a job fulltime, get interact with my family and friends without being so high I couldn't stay awake or even stay still because I was so worried about where my next high was coming from. I don't believe Mccain has truthly looked into this treatment choice and needs to do that before he puts thousands of drug addicts back on the street with no where to turn but back to their lifes of stealing and using illegal drugs. What kind of world would that truthly be?


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