Sunday, July 12, 2009


As noted in previous postings a clinic has been forced to give up the battle to continue operations. An editorial 11 July in the Calgary Herald is a voice of reason, though perhaps too late to avoid the therapeutic abandonment facing the more than 500 patients now receiving treatment. Some excerpts:

“The loss of Second Chance Recovery is a blow to both drug addicts seeking treatment and to the city's reputation. The closure of the methadone clinic could have been avoided had aldermen shown a willingness to address residents' concerns with facts, or seek another solution, such as changing the zoning law to allow the clinic in an industrial park.

“Now Calgary looks like a city that would rather deny the existence of social problems than deal with them... The problem is a lack of leadership. The clinic's operators are tired of fighting City Hall, and who can blame them. They've been shut down three times in six years, and have reasonably concluded Calgary will not support the clinic.

“Police say they have never recorded increased crime rates where clinics have been located, and are more concerned about the impact the closure will have on the city.”

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At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Dee said...

What happened in Calgary with the methadone treatment clinic basically being run out of town is a horrible shame!! Are the people involved proud of their so called accomplishment??!! If some of these people had a family member in crisis due to illicit opiate addiction, I wonder if they would have been so quick to take the action they did. Forcing the closure of one of the treatment facilities that could have potentially saved the life of one of their loved ones, might then have not seemed the most prudent choice. Leaves me wondering how many people are now still suffering that might not have been.

I am curious as to what the difference in attitude is between Calgary and Edmonton when it comes to MMT. Edmonton has three methadone treatment facilities, and as far as I know, they all run without problems from outside "agitators"


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