Thursday, October 20, 2005

DOSAGE: Yet One More in the Endless List of Studies Showing Higher Methadone Maintenance Dosage Improves Outcome

Journal Addiction, vol. 100, 2005 (pp 1496-1509)
It is reported that "larger methadone doses . . .completely blocked the subjective effects of heroin... " The results are summarized as follows: "the results of this study show that larger doses of methadone are more effective in reducing heroin self-administration and suggest that the mechanism of this increased efficacy is by reduction of the positively reinforcing/euphoric effects of heroin (i.e., cross tolerance)." So what else is new…?


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Mark Beresky said...

This paper should be sent to every citizen in the state of Maine. The news media in that area has continually disparaged "higher dose" MMT as being the cause of overdoses and criminal activities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Higher dose methadone maintenance has proven time and again to produce better treatment outcomes and allowed patients to rebuild their lives. Individualized dosing whether it be high or low dose is the only proper way to obtain the best results for patients.


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