Thursday, November 08, 2007


According to press releases by both SAMHSA and ONDCP, and, respectively - , picked up by various papers on Nov. 6, the federal Government advocates disposing of "leftover drugs" in kitty litter to discourage "children, pets or drug abusers" who might be tempted to "stumble through the trash." The good news: Dr. H. Wesley Clark is quoted as acknowledging, "We don't want to assert that this is a panacea for the larger problem." Well, thank goodness our anti-drug leadership doesn't consider kitty litter disposal to be the panacea!

There is an associated warning that we NOT dispose of excess medication by flushing it down the toilet! Presumably "abusable" drugs can harm fish, though if they survive the other "stuff" that gets flushed down toilets, they have to have pretty tough constitutions.

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