Monday, February 22, 2010

GUEST VIEW: Clinics' 'Red Tape' Not the Problem

The following comment was prompted in response to “GUEST VIEW: Clinics' 'red tape' not the problem” – by Delia Brennan, 20 Feb 2010,

Regarding the stated practice: "[Methadone maintenance patients] will be disciplined through a series of contracts, but not discharged. If, for instance, a client has multiple positive drug screens, and misses counseling and groups regularly, then perhaps a discharge hearing will occur." Can one imagine anything remotely similar for clinics treating diabetics, in response to blood sugar levels remaining out of control, patients failing to keep appointments with nutritionist, patients seen eating a Twinkie outside the clinic . . . .? The fact that a patient continues to come to the methadone clinic clearly indicates a need and desire for help. Discharge can mean death.

Clinics with such practices would do well to consider AA and its approach to alcoholics... AA NEVER denies access to those who "slip," who are inconsistent with meeting attendance, etc.


At 7:27 PM, Blogger Garrett McGovern said...

Too right, Bob. No patient with any other chronic relapsing medical condition would accept such lousy treatment but it seems fair game for drug uers. This lunatic practice needs to be continually challenged. Patients should pull together and support each other when faced with punitive sanctions.

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