Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scottish study: Methadone Prolongs Life; Reaction: "What's the Point"

Difficult to understand the dismissal ("what's the point") of medical treatment that is acknowledged to prolong lives but fails to cure the underlying condition. The same (il)logic would lead one to look with contempt on the management of any chronic malady: diabetes, depression, hypertension, etc. It would result in the same "what's the point" contempt for AA and its universally respected role in assisting alcoholics in recovery (but never ever "curing" them of their alcoholism - just ask any AA advocate). And if it were shown that life could be prolonged by nicotine replacement (!) gum or patches that help long-term smokers cut down from two packs to 5 cigarettes a day - would that lead to criticism that one is simply replacing "a queue of people at the pharmacy ... " with one at the tobacconist? As stated at the outset, difficult to understand!

Full story click here.

See opinion on the Scots paper - and comment (URL above). Insanity, but I fear that will be the most common conclusion- essentially, yeah, helps people live longer, but big deal. "What's the point?????" Pretty depressing.


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