Monday, August 16, 2010

Swiss Parliamentarian Wants Drug Legalization - Everywhere:

(Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland, 12 Aug):
According to Dick Marty prohibition has been a total failure and "... has lead to high prices and big profits for the drug mafia, without lessening availability." Marty, who is known for having exposed the secret CIA prison camps, was involved with the drug war as prosecutor for 15 years. He explained his new orientation by noting it was always the small-time dealers that were prosecuted - and that it's never been easier to obtain illicit drugs.

Marty wants to see the money now spent on enforcement to be used for prevention instead, and have drug use controlled in future through taxation as in the case of alcohol and tobacco. However, he acknowledged skepticism regarding his own proposal, saying legalization could only be achieved on an international basis and that this probably would not be achieved during his lifetime. On the other hand, "Mafia states" such as in Latin America could expedite reconsideration of current policies, pointing to former Mexican President Vicente Fox who, with 28,000 drug-related deaths in a single year, has called for legalization.

For full story in German click here.


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Some legal herbs was abused by the community and mostly a person without knowing how it can affects in their lives.


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