Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Clear, Compelling Argument in Favor of Establishing Methadone Clinics

A clear, compelling overview of the arguments favoring the establishment of methadone clinics is to be found in an opinion piece published in SalemNews.com, Salem, Mass. Written by columnist Brian Watson, it describes one operating clinic he observed as follows: "I was struck by the diversity of people using the clinic and the universally quiet, focused, businesslike manner with which they arrived, drank their daily dose and left. Young and old, men and women - even people opus hing baby strollers - came to the center." Mr. Watson goes on to ascribe what he heard from the local Police chief: "He said he could not remember so much as a traffic infraction - or any other incident - that stemmed from patients at the clinic or walking in the neighborhoods around it."

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