Sunday, October 31, 2010

Court Approves Payment of Travel Expenses Associated with Methadone Maintenance Treatment (Wiesbaden, Germany):

A decision in Oct. 2010 ruled in favor of a patient whose daily travel to a methadone clinic cost approximately $US 220. Note that there has been political furor over costs born by Pennsylvania for transportation of patients to nearest methadone clinics. Summary (in German)click here.


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I normally don't say too much about things I see or hear that are very wrong but I overheard someone in the clinic I used to go to saying that he gets transportation payed for and then charges others too give them a ride . The killer is he said he only keeps taking the methadone for the extra money from travel. Very sad It just makes it harder for people who really are committed to have the extra too travel.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous jessica sharp said...

I had to travel over 120 miles a day to get to the closest clinic in Kentucky. There is no programs in place to help pay for treatment let alone travel expenses. Please tell me if addiction is to be considered a medical condition then why does Medicaid not pay for it? It costs me 900$ a month for my children's father and myself to go to treatment. That is very expensive and its sad that I still have to struggle and live like an addict just to pay for help. My three children still have to do without just so mom and dad are not sick. Please help us get Medicaid to realize this problem. The sad thing is that I can go get a prescription of methadone from a pain Dr and they will pay for that or even subutex is covered but more easily obtained and misused and not regulated as daily methadone clinic visits. Who can help us or what movement can we start to obtain financial freedom of the clinic.

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