Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Charleston Treatment Program (W. Virginia) has the following notice posted:
"If you have completed the take home justification to receive take homes, do not ask your counselor where your paperwork is located or who needs to sign your papers next. If you ask for take home privileges or ask questions about your take home paperwork, your take home privileges will be delayed by two weeks." Reminds me of a scene with my son and grand-daughter a few days ago: "If you ask one more time to watch that TV program you won't watch any TV for 2 days." But my grand-daughter is 5 years old. Patients do not deserve to be treated like 5 year-olds. It's amazing - and a testimony to true motivation! - that patients enter and stay in treatment where staff treat them like kindergarden kids.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Ira J Marion said...

This is precisely the reason why people so reluctantly enter treatment and feel so controlled by program providers. We need to work hard to change the culture in these programs from "we have the medication so you do as we tell you" to one of respectful, humane care giving. Patients actually respond to respect, dignity and help - I know I did - but I was lucky that it was offered to me.

This sign and the many like it all over the nation should be condemned. It is the program's responsibility to provide take home medication to patients who meet the criteria in as expeditious fashion as possible, to reduce travel hardship and allow patients productive lives. Once it is established that the criteria are met, it should simply happen, that minute, that day. Anything less is unacceptable.

It is my profound hope that it is possible to change the attitudes and culture in this system, but a degree of enlightenment would go a long way in this case.

Ira J. Marion


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