Thursday, April 23, 2009


That's the bizarre conclusion reached by to economists(!) at Massey University in New Zealand. The thinking goes like this: methadone takes "high risk users out of the market," and since these users "can't always pay the dealers...when they are out of the market the dealers' distribution costs drop." Go figure! To download Story (on air) click here


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one really threw me for a loop too!

The thing that really got me was the HEADLINES about this "study"! METHADONE CAUSES MORE DRUG USE blah blah blah. They made it sound as if this was EVIDENCE of some sort when really all it is is a hypothetical!

Did you write a LTE Dr. N?

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

no LTE since this ap[[arerntly never asppeared in print but only on air. I will write the "economists" who carried out the study and ask for a full copy - and will keep bloggers popsted. RN

At 3:28 AM, Blogger mihranian said...

Methadone treatment does not affect dealers and or the price of heroine in the black market. Methadone is not the best choice for heroine treatment
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At 11:56 AM, Anonymous joeyo said...

if anything mmt cost dealers money because when on methadone the user does not HAVETO use heroin every day so the dealer loses sales

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Methadone Treatment said...

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