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Recommendations of Expert Committee of Council of Europe. The Expert Committee, reporting in March, 2008, noted that pursuant to the European Convention on Human Rights “… no public authority or private individual has any right to impose on anyone’s private or family life, and even less so to carry out or order drug testing in anyone.” The exceptions are narrowly defined as law enforcement agents acting with explicit legal authority, and “certain health professionals, to the exact extent that obtaining this confidential information is essential … in their patients’ interests…”

With regard to schools, the Committee not only determined that drug testing is ineffective as a deterrent to substance misuse, but concluded that it interferes with monitoring by parents and educators of children’s “emotional, social and intellectual development through dialogue based on trust… [and] undermines the pupil-teacher relationship and the psycho-social climate … which have been proven to have a protective function.” We would note that the same impediments exist in an addiction treatment setting to a “dialogue based on trust” and to the relationship between clinician and patient.

Bottom line: “… [drug] testing procedures in schools or the workplace pose an ethical problem founded on international, universal and absolute rights. It would be appropriate to take steps to prohibit such procedures and to seek to achieve the same ends by means that show greater respect for privacy, family life and the fundamental rights of every individual …”

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At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drug addicts always come up with different ways to make drugs. Right now they can make drugs that look exactly like candy. Some even taste like candy. That's a very easy way to get kids hooked up on drugs. That is scary because I have 2 kids. What's even worse is that the percentage of kids that abuse drugs is pretty high.

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous drug detox said...

Drug addiction is a growing problem in various countries nowadays and it is important that some useful awareness programs must be done to help the people come out of the addiction problem. Drug testing in school and workplace can be a good start and help a lot in addiction recovery.

At 6:41 AM, Blogger kim23 said...

very interesting topic! Substance abuse is a serious and major problem in the workplace these days. Because of this reason, a faa drug testing program is absolutely necessary and helpful every organization in order to avoid drug abuse issues. thanks for this useful post!

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At 7:34 AM, Blogger Tasha Boone said...

It's true that we all have the right to decline drug testing, if it poses an ethical problem, as stated. But cases of drug abuse with teenagers and employees may become rampant if tolerated. It's not as much as an invasion to privacy if drug testing is the only way to save someone's life. We all know how detrimental drug abuse is to one's system. If drug testing is a way to save a kid or a man/woman from self-destruction, then I don't see any problem with that.

Tasha Boone @ Your Drug Testing


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